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John Q. Porn's Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in John Q. Porn's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
10:17 am
Have you ever made your own amateur porn...i'm sure everyone has tried to at least once by taping themselves....how did it come out?...did you ever watch it again?..did you erase it?....did you ever let anyone else see it?....would you ever post pics of it...;)
10:07 am
Sorry i've neglected the community...
Well lets get this community rolling again...

I want to start be asking the member that are here, what are you into...

Personally, I like the amateur stuff...if it looks gritty and "off the street" i like that...

what about you..(name specific movies if you want)...
Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
5:31 pm
I've started a new community for Beautiful Plus sized women. If you wanna check it out! bbnonuglies
Sunday, January 5th, 2003
7:10 am
i'm sure i'm behind everyone but i just bought a dvd player. before then i rented only vhs. now i'm completely addicted to dvd...slow motion and zooming in. i love it so much.
Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
9:29 pm
Really soft porn....
When are channels like Playboy...and even Cinemax...going to hope on the penetration bandwagon?
Sunday, September 8th, 2002
3:36 pm
Amateur Porn
Does anyone here make their own amateur porn...even if it is just for you (or you and your friends). If so what have been your experiences with it?

naughty_pixie and I have just recently got into it as you may have seen from oral_fixation or from our journals. However these have been stills only, and we may want to start getting into movies (even if they don't include us)...
3:30 pm
Zazel: Review
I want to start this off by talking about my one favorite porns. The top of the list is ZAZEL. This movie is visually beautiful. Just the way this move was filmed makes it worth the watch...and best of all, not only does it look good, but it has no detectable plot at all. It is a string of beautiful locations, beautiful women, and good sex.

Now I will admit some of the sex scenes leave something to be desired, but they do the job. pisie and I bought this one on DVD and it was worth every penny.

One word of warning though...beware the edited version.
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